The Anatomy Of Arizona Election Audit

The panel on Friday’s Morning Joe program was discussing the Arizona election audit when Scarborough instantly started ranting incoherently about flag desecration, quoting Bible verses and insisting that anybody harboring doubts concerning the accuracy of final 12 months’s election outcomes is a risk to American democracy and may depart the nation. President Joe Biden carried Wisconsin – a state former President Donald Trump received in 2016 by 22,750 votes over Clinton – by roughly 20,700 votes. Mr. Trump however has donated generously to Democratic Senator John Kerry in 2004, he’s additionally savaged previous Republican Presidents from Ronald Reagan to George W. Bush.” So, Mr. Rove, my question is this: Other than the fact that Mr. Trump has “savaged” the President that you worked for, among others, why is party loyalty such a good or important thing? But you also wrote this: “A longtime Republican who has toiled within the vineyards can anticipate loyalty for having given it. If you produce a witness, you may vote both by paper poll or on the machines. This is definitely so she will be able to scale back her workload by marking the circumstances as solved. But the extra I received into it, the extra again then appears to be like like now solely worse.

They differ in large methods, little question about it, however think about a system during which all people may set up round personalities, single points, and extremely developed and really slim ideologies. He’s one among their higher ones,” Sterling said on NBC News’s “Meet the Press.” “I used to be going by the Twitter feed on it, and I noticed it principally had the younger man’s title – it was a really distinctive title, so that they tracked down his household and began harassing them. Every a kind of elections was settled with a winner taking a plurality, a minority of the vote. One of these elections concerned a five-month lengthy dispute concerning the end result in Florida. The election of 1896, whereas acknowledged by political scientists to be one of many 5 nice realignment elections in American historical past, we spend extra time speaking concerning the man who misplaced the Election Audit, William Jennings Bryan, and the man who follows McKinley, Theodore Roosevelt, than we discuss concerning the man who truly led to this election victory and whose subsequent administration ushered in a 36-year interval of Republican dominance. The American political system is crap.” For people who feel that way – and there seem to be quite a few – talk to me about the ways in which it was different or worse.

There was no telegraph; there was no telegram. There are questions about who is funding the audit. A post-election audit is different from a recount, which happens when there are a small number of votes separating the candidates or when requested by a candidate. Senate audit liaison and former Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett says that they are doubling the number of counters and expanding to three shifts a day instead of two. And the way the Founding Fathers devised it was that each state would have a number of electors that was proportional both to their Senate clout – which was equal by state – and to their population – which was the number of Congressmen. New Hampshire, and every state between it and Canada, used the same machine and the same ballot. The votes on such portion of the ballot shall not be counted for any candidate listed or written in such portion, but the remainder of the votes in other portions of the ballot shall be counted. In other words, 0.07 percent of the ballot envelopes were not legally sufficient to count the ballots they contained.

The Trump campaign and Republican National Committee filed a motion Nov. 5 to intervene in an Arizona lawsuit that raises issues with the use of Sharpies on ballots in Maricopa County and other regions of the state. DUBNER: From what you’ve written, I gather that you are not a big Donald Trump fan, although that may be evolving. They may appear to favor Biden or Trump, depending on when a state counts early ballots, then shift toward the other candidate later. In the longer term, though, states may find cost savings if audits make expensive recounts less common. Every election year has so-called “battleground states” and their importance comes to the forefront. And sometimes they tend to share a great commonality when it comes to the public agenda. Now maybe it’s good that Italy topples its governments with great regularity, but I think it fundamentally undermines the confidence of the people in the system of government and in the system of democracy and in the system of the economy, as well. And that’s one of the great things about our two-party system. FakeNews says, we WON our case: 1-1. “Discovery” was granted; irregularities had been uncovered (nobody believed it could possibly be performed).

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